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Chairman for a Day

Stop trying to grow your business by yourself…take advantage of a business expert on a part-time basis and receive full-time benefits!


We offer a powerful mentor to work side-by-side guiding you through the process and changes that will lead to your success for one day each month.  These companies find benefits in:


      ·           Increased accountability

·           A strong support network

·           Improved delegation skills

·           Higher quality of living

·           Increased profitability

·           Improved level of business expertise 

How can my company benefit from Chairman for a Day?

We typically find that four things must be present to maximize benefit to your group:

1)  A client company must have commitment, desire, and humility to justify the Return On Investment.  If you are not committed to working on the tough issues facing your business, Chairman for a Day is not for you. 

2)  If you do not have a strong desire to do all the uncomfortable things that will accompany your commitment, Chairman for a Day is not for you. 

3)  If you do not have the humility to say "I don't know all the answers." as well as the willingness to get outside input, Chairman for a Day is not for you. 

4)  Lastly, you must be able to justify that the expense is less than the gain.  If the first three are present, the ROI takes care of itself.  They do this because the cost of Chairman for a Day comes back in profits many times over.

What types of businesses should consider the Chairman for a Day program?

A wide variety of businesses: service, manufacturing, sales organizations, minority-run businesses, female-run businesses.  Every company that does not have a formal board of directors will receive tremendous value from outside expertise and input.

Is this only for struggling companies?

Absolutely not.  Every business has the occasional crisis.  However, our typical member is the successful CEO who wants to be even more successful.  Our clients are bright, driven men and women who are seeking an edge over their competition.