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25 Mar 2009

Today's business environment is increasingly complex, sophisticated, fast-paced, highly competitive, and fraught with risk.

At Evans & Associates, we provide expert due diligence and business consulting services to clients who are contemplating complex business transactions or who are looking to achieve efficiencies in their existing businesses. Our perspective helps our clients understand and reduce their business risks -- with the fundamental goal of improving their success ratios.

We offer a range of services to help our clients make good, more informed, transactional decisions and plans. We have expertise in a wide array of industries and functional areas. We can conduct thorough and revealing strategic, technology, logistics, financial and accounting due diligence. In addition, recognizing that a poorly executed post-transaction plan will invariably undermine an otherwise strategically sound, realistically priced transaction, we also assist with post-transaction business planning.

We assist clients who are undertaking a variety of mergers & acquisitions. We assist incumbent management teams.  In performing due diligence and management consulting projects, Evans & Associates employs recognized industry experts who apply proven methodologies to provide well-reasoned recommendations, often under extremely tight deadlines.

For us, success is coming up with the right answers to the right questions concerning a proposed business, with our clients understanding our analysis, agreeing with and acting upon our recommendations, and wanting to use us again in the future. In short, we are successful only if our clients are successful!




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