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4 May 2009

Lean Manufacturing Overview

Presenter:  Michael J. Chenoweth, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt




I.                   Introduction to Lean – Six Sigma (1.5 hours)



              ● Basics of Lean & Six Sigma

              ● Benefits of Lean – Six Sigma

              ● 5s-7s Principles

              ● Importance of Performance Measures (Metrics & KPI’s)

              ● Visual Management

              ● Value Stream Management

              ● Seven Deadly Wastes

              ● Product/Process Flow

              ● Six Sigma Quality



II.                Lean Simulation (2 hours)



             ● Hands on simulation exercise on Lean

             ● Exercise works well for up to 12 people.



III.             Implementing Lean – Six Sigma in your workplace (.5 hour)



              ● Developing a Lean Implementation Plan

              ● Resources and Time Commitments

                                      ● Lean Training

Michael J. Chenoweth

High-performance Profitability Enhancement and Cost Reduction Specialists

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